Who We Are

Colors of Autism is a NJ nonprofit organization that promotes Autism acceptance, encourages community inclusion, and advocates for families seeking help with their children,
especially adults who have aged out of existing schools and programs.

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Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States affecting 1 in 59 children and 1 in 45 school-age children.  Based on studies by Rutgers University, New Jersey has the highest autism rate in the US and it continues to increase faster than any other state.  Although these numbers steadily rise, the development of specialized enrichment programs does not .

We are here to create them.

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Autism does not and should not define the lives of anyone on the spectrum.  Every child diagnosed with autism is unique and with proper guidance and support, capable of being an active, thriving member of society.  Just as anyone else, they are filled with wonder, excitement, and love.  We should all make an effort to treat everyone with compassion and work together for a more inclusive world.

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We want to change the stigmas of individuals on the autism spectrum. We are committed to educating others about their complex nature and how to recognize key behavioral traits. We want to build a network of providers to guide parents as their child develops and advocate for services they need. We will collaborate with schools and businesses to provide social opportunities that encourage inclusion and help boost the confidence of parents and families who are fearful of how their child may react to various environments.

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